Advertising Photography




  1. Who is the client, or company you are representing? The company I am representing is the World Health Organization.
  2. What is the product? The product is COVID items that keep you safe and clean.
  3. Who is the target audience? The target audience is the world and whoever sees this.
  4. Where would you expect to see this advertisement? I would expect to see this on a billboard or wall paper.
  5. What camera will you use? I used a canon but don’t remember which one I used.
  6. What kind of lighting are you going to use to make this look professional? I used studio lighting and gels to add color for the back.
  7. What props do you need? I needed cleaning products and sanitary products.


Jump Start Your Photography

10 tips i would do-

1.Go to the movie

2.Learn new lighting techniques

3.Look at popular photoblogs

4.Go through CD covers

5.Listen to favorite music

6.Take on photo-a-day project

7.Shoot(take picture of) a model

8.See an art show

9.Take photo of family

10.Take photo of a family event

Broad Museum Collection Critique

Jean‐Michel Basquiat - Pink Devil, 1984, acrylic, oilstick, and xerox collage on canvas

Five things i like about this-

1.The way all of this makes a devil face.

2.The colors catch your attention.

3.You look at this painting forever to look at what shapes make this.

4.Looking at the face makes you pay attention to the details.

5.The painting is overall satisfying to look at.


Social Media Trends for 2021 Writing Assignment

8 Trends for 2021-

1. Show Your Audience Your “Reel” Brand Personality with Instagram Reels or TikTok- A 15-30 second video that shares your brand and grabs the attention of the viewer within those seconds.

2. Make New Friends, But Keep The Old: Don’t Leave Long-Form Video Out- A long form video that helps develop long quality videos to benefit your viewers in any type of way.

3. Stories Capabilities Are Not Only Here to Stay, They’re Growing-Use the social media stories to share personal things or business material that will last 24 hours.

4. Replace Face-to-Face Time with Screen-to-Screen Time-Can go live on various social media platforms and can communicate with your viewers live.

5. Make eCommerce Even Easier: Social Media Becoming a One-Stop Shop-Can use eCommerce to highlight products you have that you want people to see.

6. When It Comes to Content Strategy, Knowledge is Power-Use a mix of short or longs videos to create informative post.

7. Just Because You Can Go Text-Heavy on Facebook, Doesn’t Mean You Should-Dont have to rely on Facebook for ads and can use other places to get your business out there and dont have to worry about a word limit or anything.

8. Keep What’s Behind the Brand and Behind the Screen at the Forefront: People-Being able to show yourself, the face behind the brand, will help build better relationships with the people buying your products which will also help your business partners.


Student Website Critique

1. Whose website are you reviewing? Anissa Huerta 
2. How easy is it to navigate around their site? Very Easy 
3. Is the homepage eye catching and captivating enough to make you want to stay on their site and look at their work on other pages? Definitely 
4. What are some of your favorite images of theirs? Wassily Kandinsky and the Senior Portrait Sitting.
5. What positive and constructive criticism can you offer the artist to make their website better? Should definitely add more on home page besides portfolio but thats about it.
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